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Keep it Movin…

Living with an Autoimmune disease is not easy. You never know what to expect on a daily basis. You may awake in the morning with great intentions to have an active and productive day, however, your body had a different intent. These days can drive you insane and bring your mood to one of somber. However, I recommend allowing these days to happen, but on the days you feel well, do your best to make the most out of your pain-free or pain reduced days. Participate in yoga classes, water aerobics and walking.

Now, if you can not afford to join a yoga class, turn to YouTube and find a class and use a beach towel for your mat. If you live in an apartment complex with a pool, go before the crowds and do water exercises, even if it is just walking back and forth. Get creative! As for walking, just step outside and walk around the block, the mall or a nice park.

Exercise is a great way to relive stress, get out of the house, meet people with shared interest and help keep the body healthy. Did I mention get out of the house. As a person with RA, it is important to stay as healthy as possible, plus it makes you feel sexy and provides a great source of confidence, which can diminish when you feel sick on a daily.

Remember, you are a fabulous person who just happens to be sick.

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