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How to get through the Hoilday Season when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis..

Holiday season can be rough, but do your best to make them work for you.  I would always try to make a nice traditional dinner for my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But with Rheumatoid Arthritis, it has become more and more difficult to produce by myself. I would make it through the day, but the next couple of days I was stuck in bed. So I tried enrolling my Mom, but she is not a domestic goddess by any means. Then I tried enrolling a few siblings for help, but too many cooks in the kitchen is never a good idea. So this year, I am going to go the catering route. Yes, I know people tend to shy away from catering, but I did some taste testing at various restaurants and found a place that is both reasonable and tasty.

For me, spending a couple dollars is worth the trade-off of spending several days in bed. Plus the clean up is a snap.  So look around at various restaurants and gourmet markets. If you are really on a budget, Boston Market does a pretty nice turkey and roasted chicken, and you don’t like their sides, you can make your own or pot luck the sides dishes. If you want to go less traditional, try Famous Dave’s catering menu it is delish, and people may enjoy a break from the traditional items.

The important thing is not to overwork yourself into a flare up…Work the Holidays, don’t let them work you..

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