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5 Tips on how to make Yoga class work when you have a disability…

All the experts say Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles, relieve stress and get some very much needed gentle exercise. However when you see people in certain extreme poses, it can be a little intimidating. But now, I must admit that I personally love Yoga, it is low-impact and very relaxing. However when your body has certain restrictions, some of the poses can range from challenging to down right impossible. And if you are taking a class with a hands on teacher, they are eager to help try and push you into the proper position.  Which may be great for some, but for those of us with body restrictions certain movements are a NO-NO.  So what do you do to get the most out of your Yoga class for which you have paid for with your hard earned money? Well here are a few suggestions that I found helped me with my Yoga experience:

1.)  The Studio. If you are going to a Yoga studio, select one with various levels and types of classes. This allows growth in your Yoga experience and the chance to sample each class until you find the one perfect you. You should also ask for their advice on which they believe is the most appropriate class for your level of ability. Make sure you ask a qualified Yoga instructor and not just the desk receptionist.

2.)  Be Early on your 1st Day. Try to get to the class a few minutes early to talk with your Yoga instructor. Let them know your body restrictions and request for them to provide alternative poses during class. This will help you get the most out of the class while preventing you from doing hurtful poses.

3.)  Props! Props! Props! Don’t be afraid to use props such as rolled towels or blocks to add support when trying to achieve certain poses. Most reputable Yoga studios have them available for use free of charge. Call ahead to verify, if not, bring your on.  Try Target, Wal-Mart or Marshall’s, they have some great prices.

4.)  Please Don’t Touch. If you are sensitive to touch, request that when your instructor has a recommended alternative pose, to let you know verbally. Let them know upfront that you do not like to be touched, without permission.  If your instructor is a professional, they will not be offended. If they are too bad, remember, it is your body and an unwanted movement can hurt. Remember you are they to help your body, not hurt your body.

5.)  Take a break. If any pose is too difficult, feel free to sit down until they move to an accommodating pose. Trust me you will not be the only person sitting, just try to remain still and not to disturb the other participants. If you find yourself at your limit during class, quietly excuse yourself from the class.

These five tips can really help make your Yoga experience wonderful and allow you to really get the health benefit of the Yoga poses. Enjoy!

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