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Darvocet Recall Help

If you are like me, Darvocet is one of the few pain killers that help you have a progressive day. It helps you function as much as a person can without many harmful side effects such as nausea, ulcers and headaches. Now, it is not the answer for everyone, but for many, it truly does help them navigate through life with a manageable amount pain. For those who have suffered complications, I believe they should add additional warning labels on the containers, after all this medication has been around helping those in pain for over 50 years. Not to mention, they offer a generic version at a very affordable price. So if you believe that Darvocet should be placed back on the market with either further research into the complication claims or with additional disclaimers, PLEASE PLEAS PLEASE send you request to the following addresses below:

Public Citizen (The Group that pushed for the recall)
Main office is:1600 20th Street NW
Washington DC
Phone is 202-588-1000
E-mail them at hrg1@citizen.org

Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Ave.
Silver Springs MD 20993-0002 PHONE 1-888-463-6332 also 301-796-8460
http://www.fda.gov or drug info@fda.hhs.gov or OSHI@fda.hhs.gov


Let our voices be heard, we deserve the best medical treatment and the best life possible.

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