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Day 12 HAWMC….It was all a Dream (Yes I just quoted B.I.G. LOL)

I ran into a friend of mine one day and we began to talk about the changes that were going on in her life. She has been laid off from her job for a bout a year now and has been unable to find employment. She has been on many interviews, both 2nd and 3rd phases, however nothing has materialized. Then she began to notice that in many of her interviews, she was asked if she would be able to consult with them on training programs and other projects. In the past she had declined, however, in her last interview she agreed to become their training consultant. I congratulated her and told her that this sounds like a good opportunity. She replied, thanks, but consulting was not her plan, getting a job was her plan. I laughed and told her to think of the many consulting offers you have received in the past year as whispers from the universe putting her on a different path. Then of course I had to reflect on something I heard Oprah say “God can dream a bigger dream for you then you could ever dream”.

This image helps to remind me of this. On days when you can’t get out of the bed from the pain, the meds aren’t working the best and you have to schedule another week off of work for health reasons, the universe still has a plan for you. It may not be what you wanted or expected, but there is a bigger dream for you to fulfill.

Photo by: Ameir Amadi

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