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Let’s Move Together

This is the season for the Arthritis Walk, a wonderful fund-raising event sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.  I jumped in full force on the fund-raising efforts this year getting all my friends and family involved. We wrote e-mails, posted on Facebook, sold snacks, sold “Arthritis Bones” and for a really big innovative push we held a Wine Tasting. The wine tasting was a great way to raise funds and awareness while enjoying the company of friends both old and new.  I also found a new love for Chateau Grand Traverse Late Harvest Riesling and Silhouette, wonderful wines at an affordable price. All the attendees fell deeply in love with the information, company, the wines and these wonderful grapes marinated in champagne..DELICIOUS!!!!

The walk itself was WON…DER..FUL (Oprah voice).  Recently someone reminded me that when you smile at the world, the world smiles back and this walk was a great reminder. In the past years, I was not the most outgoing person, I stuck to my small circle of friends and didn’t really reach out to the world. But as I grow into my life as a single woman and start to live beyond just coping with my illness I have been making an effort to not only enjoy my life but to reach out to others.  I truly believe this new approach has made a difference in my life both physically and mentally. Last year for the walk I raised $400.00 and walked by myself, my mom, niece and cousin joined later, but I walked the route by myself. This year my team raised over $1300.00 and my team was comprised of 14 people. Now that is love and it felt great. The kids had a chance to enjoy face painting, treats and trinkets and see all the animals at the Zoo, the adults had just as much fun. Most importantly everyone got a chance to learn about the Arthritis Foundation and their many wonderful programs. Overall, It was a fabulous experience and I am so thankful to all my friends and Family who supported.

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