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Make Your Feet Say…”I’m Pretty”

Spring is quickly coming upon us,,well depending on what part of the country you live in..Because 30 degrees and snow flurries is not my idea of spring. But anyway, it is a great excuse for summer wardrobe shopping, the focus..SHOES SHOES SHOES!!

The wedges are supposed to be big this season, and I am a fan, except when you have RA you much chose closely..So while others are admiring the stilts of Christian Louboutin, we must focus on the Born, Softt and Clarks of the world. However, if you look closely, they have truly stepped their game up in the world of stylish shoes..making the wedge a possible friend to the Arthritis community. These a few of my favorites:

Ravia by Sofft: Its not a wedge, but I love this great gladiator like sandal for lunching with the girls to flirting with the man or the potential man in your life. The Walking Company

UGG Zamora Poppy Suede: I know most people associate Ugg with winter boots, however they make a very nice comfy sandal, and this flirty color is so hot.Zappos

B.O.C. by Born Clay Women’s Jamaica: This shoe just spells summer and because it is made by Born you know it will be a favorite of your feet. This is must for my summer shopping list.Famous Footwear

If you have any leads on Fabulous and Comfy Shoes, please let me know as I am always searching 😉

Also, what are some of your favorite shoe websites?


Old Man Winter Never Looked so GOOD….

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok, I realize I have been neglecting my fashion obligations so I am writing this post for all my sick fashionistas who want to look good even when they don’t feel good. For me there are a few key things cold weather fashions must possess for it to be worthy of spending my hard earned cash:

1. Lightweight. When you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, your body is achy and your joints are swollen making the slightest bit of weight feel like a thousand pounds. Therefore instead of the heavy, bulky items, I searched high and low for warm, thin, insulated items that didn’t make me feel like I was wearing a heavy suit of armor.

2. Fabulous and Non-Trendy. Because staying warm in the winter months are important, I selected items that I could carry over into next winter, without looking like it was last winter. In order to achieve this, I avoided items with a huge brand labeling and stuck to classics, such as belted wool coats and colors that stand the test of time such as Black, Grey and Navy.

So here a few of my favorite designers that incorporate the most important items a fabulous sick chick needs to endure the cold.

Columbia: The brand is synonyms with warmth and comfort, and this coat lives up to it’s reputation. It is perfect for the cold winter days as well as the milder days. It is very light in weight and fashionable, with a great belt to give you that slim waist line every girl loves to show off. The color is classic and the style can go with jeans or slacks and snow boats or stilettos..Great all around winter coat and it looks better in person with a beautiful scarf.

Pajar: Now, I don’t have these exact boots, mine have fur around the top of the boot. I love, love these boots. Pajar may not be as familiar to everyone as UGG or Sorel, but it is a great quality brand. Their boots are easy to get on and off and lightweight. I have had them for a while and I get compliments on them all the time. They match with all my winter coats and my feet never get cold. My favorite thing about these boots are the comfort level, typically I have to wear orthopedic insoles but not with these boots, “These boots are made for walking”, so corny,,but so true.

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Shane & Shawn Fashion Meets Comfort

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been a fan of these boys for a long time. They make a really good pair of comfortable shoes. They are well priced, always have a good sale, and they last. These brothers know how to make a girl with bad joints really smile. I feel so fabulous when wearing their shoes. They are extremely comfortable and their style is timeless.

Still on the Searching for the Almighty Winter Boot..

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Sooo, I have searched the internet for some great comfortable boots for the winter, but nothing has tempted a purchase. I typically stick to my favorite designers, Born, B.O.C. by Born, Cole Haan, Ugg and a few others that are hit and miss. I checked out the Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale but didn’t find too much in regards to great pricing. When I find a few,,I will show you my choices. Let me know if you find any good deal while your out and about?

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Gone Shopping

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

So, I have been looking in my closet and I realized that with my significant weight loss, I lost weight in my feet. All my shoes are too big and I almost trip out of them while walking, therefore I need to go shopping..I love a good excuse to go shopping.. So now I need boots for the winter, I love a good cute boot, but with RA, they must be comfortable..So my first action is to search for a good brand at a reasonable price, which is not always easy, but I work at it…lol My favorite places are DSW, Marshalls Mega Shoe Dept, Zappos and any place with a good sale..I only buy bargains, I am not talking 10% off i need 20% and higher, a girl is on a budget,,or as I say I am a Diva on a Budget..

Check out my finds..

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