Welcome to Fabulous and Sick.. A website built for those of us who have been impacted by a life long illness/Auto Immune Disease/Rheumatoid Arthritis that has shaken our lives and put us on one hell of a roller coaster ride. From Yoga to Dating, doing it all with a life long illness can put the double whammy on it, but that just mean we must work harder at maintaining.

For me, maintaining being Fabulous, Sassy and Sexy is a real challenge, but it is a must and I just refuse to give it up.  And I know that their are many others out in the world like me..I refuse to believe I am the only one. So I created this site which is full of great information on things such as coping mechanisms, awareness, fashion and of course my Fabulous and Sick life.

Feel free to click around, leave comments, share ideas and learn as much as possible. I want to learn share and grow in being Fabulous when you just happen to be sick.

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